The skin bar & med spa and the skin bar day spa

At Skin Bar MedSpa we offer the lademo non-surgical treatments to lớn meet your every need & help you look & feel your best.

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We"re moving to our new location at 12001 N. Tejon, Westminster, CO, Suite 130.

Our new space is bigger, brighter, & better so we can offer even more khổng lồ serve you!

We offer a variety of services including Botox and Dermal Fillers, Body Contouring, BioTe Hormone Replacement/Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing, IV Nutrition and Rehydration, Microneedling, & much more!

Under the direction of Dr. Michael R. Iannotti, our staff consists of experienced, highly-trained professional Nurses and Paramedical Aestheticians. Our goal at Skin Bar MedSpa is lớn achieve natural, beautiful results with little to lớn no downtime. We strive lớn exceed the expectations of each one of our clients and are committed to lớn helping you rediscover and maintain your youth.

Whether you"re having a luxurious facial, a non-surgical body toàn thân contouring procedure, or a quick lunch-time Botox or filler session, we want you khổng lồ enjoy your visit. We strive khổng lồ provide each and every client with an elevated experience with remarkable results!

In a world that has you going in all different directions, allow us khổng lồ help you relax, revitalize and rejuvenate!

Điện thoại tư vấn 720-665-5540 or cliông chồng here lớn get your


“I have been a customer at Skin Bar MedSpage authority for a very long time & I absolutely love their services!! Their custom facials are so relaxing & just what I need in this dry Coloravì chưng climate. The IV infusions are customized khổng lồ fit your needs and help you feel better. Dawn and her staff are so professional and will vì chưng whatever it takes lớn make you feel beautiful, inside và out!!"

★★★★★Sheri Phường.

December 2021

“A+++++++++ Service! I always get nervous prior khổng lồ anyone looking at my skin, but I won’t anymore. This adorable little cửa hàng brings skill, knowledge, và friendliness lớn a wonderful new cấp độ. Dawn made me feel so comfortable, và she was super kind! The offerings they have sầu are plentiful, & the spa is super-

duper clean! I recommend HIGHLY!

★★★★★Sheila G.

July 2021

“Dawn is the consummate professional! She is not only a master of her craft, she is kind và compassionate and wants her customers khổng lồ be completely satisfied."

★★★★★Deb C.

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May 2021

“Darryon is one of the greakiểm tra professionals I"ve sầu encountered in this industry. I have been doing treatments, skin care, & even cosmetic work for almost 15 years now.

Darryon is the first one I met who not only leaves a lasting impact based on her cấp độ of service, but her passion & drive for excellence in everything she does is inspiring."

★★★★★Liz E.

April 2021

“Skin Bar MedSpage authority is a home page away from trang chính kind of experience. A woman owned, locally run business that proves building a dream in the spirit of supporting the communities brings greatness to fruition. Not only in resources, products, service, và expertise; but above sầu và beyond in creating a lasting impact in the lives of people."

★★★★★Liz E.

April 2021

“Menopausal Hell? Lindomain authority Johnson is my ANGEL! Bioidentical Hormones!!! If you wonder... could I sleep better? Best sleep I"ve had in years!!! Feel better? Less aches & pains! Get rid of hot flash tsunamis & night sweats, have sầu better memory? Take the time, invest in yourself, go see Lindomain authority. I am sooo glad I did!!! Chechồng her out at Skin Bar MedSpa in Bradburn Village!!!"

★★★★★Lori L.

March 2021

"So glad you found Casey, a very experienced permanent makeup artist! I’ve had Permanent trang điểm on my eyebrows three different times & it was always very painful. I couldn’t believe sầu how pain-không tính tiền Casey’s techniques are."


Susan G.November 2020

"Darryon was awesome! This was my first facial ever, she made sure lớn let me know what she was doing each step. Answered all of my questions and was very polite. I"d recommend her for sure! Will be coming back!!"


Verna M.

September 2020

“Jordan does an exceptional job with IV hydration therapy. Her needle technique is gentle và she makes you feel comfortable during the procedure. Myself và two family members vị the monthly membership and we have had improvements in our overall health and immune systems."