Sea Horse Resort

LocationThe center of Wells can be reached within 15 minutes" walk of Seahorse Resort Motel & Cottages. You"ll find Wedding Cake House within 4.3 miles to lớn the cheap resort. This khách sạn lies within 1.7 miles from Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

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Comprising a kitchenette and a seating area, the rooms at Seahorse Resort Motel và Cottages are equipped with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Rooms include bathrooms with a separate toilet, a bath and showers. Additionally, an a handy kitchenette with a microwave, coffee/tea making machines and a refrigerator are available in an a double room.


Wireless internet is available in public areas for không tính phí.

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Guest Parking

Private parking is possible on site for miễn phí.

Unfortunately, there are no rooms available at this hotel at the moment. Please see hotels located nearby.



Horrible Motel

b In general: /b THERE IS NO FREE WIFI. It"s important that I said it because you will not get wifi anywhere but the restaurant và the service desk. THE POOL IS NOT HEATED. Though the sign out front says it is. Seahorse resort motel falsely advertised both of these things in multiple places và the owner got very upmix when called out for it. Terrible service, no wifi, outdoor small pool, và rude owner led to an uncomfortable stay.First of all, the owner did not lượt thích my disagreeing with her and giving her a poor rating on the site I originally with so she told the booking site that I was an unruly & disrespectful guest and had them void my rating. I traveled khổng lồ Wells Maine with a frikết thúc for a 2 night stay here and my frikết thúc who attends college year round planned on doing homework while at the motel with the "free wifi". Once we got lớn our rooms, we discovered we were out of reach of the wifi and would not be able khổng lồ find it or connect lớn it. We went khổng lồ the front desk to complain and were informed that the không tính phí wifi was only available in "public spaces". The public spaces with wifi were the restaurant where we would have sầu to purchase something to lớn sit there and is only open limited hours and the front office so that employees would have sầu access to it. We were rather upset, but no solution was offered and no discount was given. The owner of the motel even interrupted us at the pool khổng lồ tell us that there was nothing she could vì chưng but she would kiểm tra us out early if we wished to lớn leave sầu. We then spoke with other guests about the misinformation we had seen about the wifi (one site even claimed there was miễn phí wifi in every room specifically) and they told us they had been misled as well by the large sign out front that states "extra large heated pool". We noticed this as well on the sites we checked online & decided to lớn bring up the issues one last time at check out. Our mistake clearly, because this was the point that the owner decided khổng lồ tell us we were wrong and that there was no faulty advertising on her part in anyway & that we simply misunderstood the presented information. This entire stay was terrible answer wont be staying here again. (Not lớn mention our room was dirty at kiểm tra in and nobody ever came to clean our room at any point throughout our stay I guess we got the worst of the Seahorse motel.) br/ b Location & surroundings: /b It is in a perfect spot, just lượt thích the other 20 motels, hotels, và inns on the same street. br/ b Service: /b The owner was rude và argued with me và my friend who traveled with me over false advertising of the wifi và the pool and then went on to lớn complain about us for being disrespectful simply for voicing our feelings about being misled. The other workers we spoke lớn all had different reasons for different things. One telling us the pool is heated và on a timer so it doesn"t get too warm, changing her mind and saying it is not heated at all as soon as the owner walked in. Another telling us after we ask if we can get wifi in our rooms that there is no way to lớn bởi vì that and even stating "she got you" in reference to lớn the owner telling us they offered miễn phí wifi. br/ b Room: /b When we walked in, there were empty wrappers from mints or candy on the floor of our room. The microwave sầu was dirty, the toaster was dirty, the shower curtain had mold spots growing on it, & the air conditioner looked as if it had never been cleaned out or dusted. The stove top was dirty và one section was even disconnected as if it had been broken and left alone, & a shelf in the mini fridge came out when we opened the door of it. Housekeeping did not visit our room, but instead left us a bag of towels to replace our used ones that we left for them. br/