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If you aren"t already collaborating with influencers khổng lồ improve the visibility of your online shop and increase your sales, you really should consider it! Thanks to lớn the so-called "Media Impact Value", you can now assign a monetary value lớn your campaigns to accurately determine their Return on Investment (ROI).

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How does this truyền thông Impact Value actually work & how is it calculated? How can this index help you target your campaigns more effectively? In this article, you"ll learn everything you need to lớn know about this useful algorithm and how it can help you with your kinh doanh strategy!

Nowadays, a great number of users buy a product after it has been recommended lớn them by an influencer on social media. That"s why influencers have become a significant part of sale strategies for companies of all sizes.

However, due lớn the variety of social media, the many new features, and the constantly changing reach of influencers, it has also become more & more difficult to lớn evaluate & analyse the success of influencer campaigns.

Marketing và analytics platform Launchmetrics decided khổng lồ tackle this issue and therefore developed an algorithm lớn measure digital interactions in the fashion, luxury, & beauty industries.

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What is the truyền thông media Impact Value?

The truyền thông Impact Value (abbreviation: MIV) is an algorithm developed by Launchmetrics that analyses quantitative and qualitative data to determine and calculate the value of the truyền thông impact of influencer marketing actions on a brand image.

It is a registered trademark that is already registered in several European countries.

MIV is thus a method lớn measure the impact of brand placements & mentions across different communication channels in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industry.

Launchmetrics has developed this unique algorithm so that companies and influencers now have the opportunity to lớn concretely compare their kinh doanh results across different platforms, products, countries, etc.

The MIV allows them to lớn more quickly & easily determine the best marketing strategy for their campaigns based on specific goals và requirements.

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Source: Launchmetrics

The aim is khổng lồ assign a monetary value to kinh doanh campaigns in order to be able to accurately calculate the ROI of a brand’s marketing strategy on every social truyền thông platform used.

This means that the algorithm applies lớn social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik
Tok, as well as on blogs or in print truyền thông media such as fashion magazines.

Since digitisation has advanced in almost every part of our everyday life, it has been difficult lớn distinguish between traditional kinh doanh channels, online content, và social media posts.

The results of a sponsored chiến dịch on Instagram could therefore not easily be compared with, for example, an ad in a fashion magazine. This algorithm gives a bit more context khổng lồ these different campaigns.


How does the MIV algorithm work?

Launchmetrics has developed & adapted the algorithm to campaign data specific lớn the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries for over five years.

Analysing more than 100 quantitative and qualitative metrics, it represents a very precise method lớn measure the ROI of every marketing campaign.

To calculate the impact of advertising campaigns, the MIV takes into tài khoản four main factors: the reach, prices charged by the media, chất lượng of the media/platform, and quality of the content.


Reach and prices

Using data on truyền thông media coverage & rates (the value of a placement or endorsement), a basic value is calculated. This base value is then adjusted to lớn the chất lượng of the content, of the placement, or of the mention.

This calculation ensures that popular truyền thông media (e.g. Instagram) will receive a better rating than less popular ones.

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