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This obsession is similar to lớn the tanned skin craze in the West, only a bit more extreme. Spkết thúc a day on the streetsin almost any city, you will find women covered from head lớn toe to lớn not be exposed to sunlight (the “street ninja”). If you see any cosmetics ads while strolling, most likely it’s about skin bleaching products. This “trắng culture” can be traced baông xã khổng lồ the following reasons:


Street ninja, iconic fashion in our motorxe đạp culture

Social Class Associations

Vietphái mạnh is a country built on paddy fields. Just about a century ago, the majority of the commoners are farmers - the poor. While farmers labored under the sun for long hours, the rich possessed the luxury of staying indoors all day every day. When farmers became factory workers, this notion still didn’t change.

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Therefore, pale skin is affiliated with wealth, and dark skin is a sign of poverty. Naturally, that’s the sole reason why Vietnamese love Trắng skin.

We Are Told to lớn Worship White Since Pre-school!

Apart from money, trắng is also associated with physical attraction. From Western fairy tales lớn our own folklore, the female protagonist is always a legendary beauty with skin white-as-snow. The most famous story, Tam Cam, has a scene where a character died trying khổng lồ achieve sầu White skin by bathing in boiling water. This story is memorized by kids since they learn how to speak & is formally taught in our 10th-grade literature textbooks.

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Foreign Influences at Play

In our colony days, this influence came from the West. Nowadays, Korean and Japanese culture waves are partly why Vietnamese love sầu White skin. Vietnamese women love sầu their dramas & music, so they sought after their favorite celebrities white-washed images, and the majority hasn’t been able to lớn stop.


The usual concept of a whitening commercial

But Doesn’t That Lead to lớn Racism in Vietnam?

There may or may not be discrimination against dark-skinned people, but nobody toàn thân actually shows direct aggressive behavior towards anytoàn thân that is not light. We don’t really have sầu any problem with skin tone associated with races, we just prefer White because of its supposed aesthetics.

Final Thoughts on Why Vietnamese Love sầu White Skin

Unlike in the Western world, “white” in Vietphái mạnh does not represent ethniđô thị, it represents beauty & social standards, rooted in our culture và is not going away anytime soon. If you still have frustrations about our obsessions with trắng skin, let us know in the comments. If not, learn lớn prevent culture shochồng when visiting our country!