Planning khổng lồ visit Cat Ba Island, you should refer khổng lồ the following 10 Cat Ba Beach resorts và hotels to lớn find the best accommodation for your trip.

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Cat Ba islvà is now so well-developed in tourism that here st& many hotels, resorts, và homestays. Therefore, finding accommodation in Cat Ba is quite convenient for tourists from all over the world. However, the abundance in quality may confuse us while planning our trip as we don"t know exactly how one"s unique is và there are now so many scam Reviews. As a companion during your trip, we Bestprice Travel are about khổng lồ give you the top 10 best hotels in Cat Ba Island so that finding accommodation will never be your concern anymore.

1. Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort

Located on Nam Cat Island, a private island within Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort provides tourists with 25 quality wooden bungalows as accommodation during their time on Cat Ba isl&. These bungalows are built above sầu several columns, cozy, well-decorated with classic furniture & feature a big window towards the sea, promise lớn bring you a great experience và unforgettable moments with your companions.

One thing special about the resort is that it boasts a private beach & restaurant so that you can have sầu time khổng lồ relax, refresh yourself without any disturbance from strangers. Besides, many craving water sports và amusing activities are offered during your stay. With all of that features, Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort is completely worth staying in.

Facility: Air-conditioner, shower, electric tín đồ, hygiene kits, bar. Service: Free breakfast, room cleaning, pet acceptance, laundry, smoking room, money exchange, gift siêu thị. Attractions nearby: Cannon Fort, Beo Harbor, Cat Ba Beach, Than Cong Fortress. Activities: Fishing, kayaking, table tennis, billiards. Gastronomy: English, Ireland, Asian, & vegetarian. Room types: Bungalow Deluxe pháo with 2 single beds, Bungalow Deluxe with 1 big double bed, Bungalow with 1 single bed và 1 big double bed. Price: From US $74.14/night


2. Cat Ba Eteo Lodge

About a 15-minute driving from Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Eco Lodge offers peaceful & private accommodation to lớn tourists during their time on the beautiful island. The lodge belongs to lớn Xuan Dam ward, Cat Hai District & is a complex of 18 wooden rooms that boast both Tnhị - Muong traditional and modern style of architecture. With those features, it appears as a small village lying aý muốn the evergreen plants & tranquil atmosphere of the Cat Ba mountain area.

If choosing lớn spend your time here, you will have a chance khổng lồ stay in a clean, safe room, lead an environment-friendly Lifestyle, & enjoy an off-the-beaten-traông xã experience on Cat ba Island which not only involves seas, beaches, or marine life. Rethành viên to bring along a camera as the scenery here is absolutely stunning.

Facility: Air-conditioner, outdoor swimming pool, kids playground, mini bar, no smoking room, parking lot. Service: Free pick-up from the airport, không lấy phí WiFi, không lấy phí breakfast và drinks, BBQ party, laundry, money exchange, tour booking, pet acceptance. Attractions nearby: Cat Don Beach, Cat Ba International Park, Cat Ba town. Activities: Swimming, cycling, trekking and camping in old-growth forest, camp-fire. • Gastronomy: Asian Búp Phê, garden-fresh seafood Room types: Deluxe Family Suite with 2 double and 1 single bed, Deluxe or Chalet with 2 single or 1 big double bed, mountain or garden view suite with 1 single and 1 big double bed. Price: From US $43.17/night


3. Nam Cat Isl& Resort

Lying on an isolated islvà, Nam Cat Islvà Resort is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá destination for those who love exploring during their trip khổng lồ Cat Ba. The resort itself is a complex of wooden houses that surround the mountain foot và overlook the sea. With an ikhuyến mãi location và stunning view, Nam Cat Isl& easily makes a good impression on tourists when they first come here.

Besides, while staying in the resort, tourists will be provided with a variety of facilities & services that are to make their vacation more interesting & convenient. If you have a chance to lớn get to Nam Cat Isl&, then the resort will be your best choice.

Facility: Air-conditioner, bar, no smoking room, garden, private beach. Service: Free pick-up from the airport, free breakfast, money exchange, laundry, tour booking. Attractions nearby: Lan Ha Bay, Dau Be Isl&, Trai Cave sầu, Thoi Van Boi Islvà, Bai Ctuyệt Market, Trung Trang Cave. Activities: Kayaking, swimming, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, billiard, camp-fire. Gastronomy: British/ American à la carte Room types: Seaview deluxe with 1 double bed or 2 single beds, family bungalow, deluxe cộ with one single bed & 1 double bed. Price: From US $51.79/night


4. Cat Ba Isl& Resort và Spa

Cat Ba Island Resort và Spa is the only 4-star accommodation on Cat Ba Islvà và has been preferred by both domestic và international tourists. The resort itself was granted a "green resort" by the city government for its environmentally friendly space that gives tourists a chance khổng lồ be cthua trận to nature and many solutions to lớn preserve sầu the environment và save energy.

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By choosing the resort as a Cat Ba islvà accommodation during your stay, you are also contributing to the local environmental protection. Besides, there are enough high-standard facilities & services so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

Facility: Air-conditioner, elevators, parking lot, no smoking room, open terrace, garden, 2 outdoor swimming pools, spa & health center, sauna, kids playground, gaming room, karaoke room. Service: Free pick-up from the airport, tour booking, babysitting, laundry, BBQ các buổi party, massage, etc. Attractions nearby: Cat Ba Town, Cat Co Cove, Beo Harbor, Cat Ba National Park, Cannon Fort. Activities: Kayaking, swimming, karaoke, sauna, workout. Gastronomy: Asian and European Búp Phê. Room types: Superior và Deluxe suite, both overlook the sea & feature 1 double or 2 single beds Price: From US $56.69/night


5. Cannon Fort Cat Ba Hotel

About 550 m from Cat Co 2 Beach, Cannon Fort Cat Ba Hotel has provided tourists with extra convenient check-in/out service, modernly furnished rooms, và many other good facilities so that your vacation will be much better. Besides, as the hotel itself lies in quite a peaceful area of Cat Co 2 Beach, you can find yourself some private space to stay relax without interruption.

Facility: Air-conditioner, coffeemaker, outside fireplace, parking lot, club, elevator, heating system, no smoking room, shop. Service: Pick-up from the airport, free daily room cleaning, laundry, oto hiring, tour booking, money exchange, night entertaining, fax/ photocopy (for entrepreneurs). Attractions nearby: Cat Ba Harbor, Than Cong Fortress, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Co Cove, Tung Thu Beach. Activities: Sightseeing, cycling, karaoke, shopping. Gastronomy: American/ Asian à la carte Room types: Deluxe cộ Double (with view or not), Deluxe pháo Shared Dormitory with multiple beds and mountain view, Deluxe pháo Family. Price: From US$ 38.84/night


6. Sea Pearl Cat Ba Hotel

Sea Pearl Cat Ba Hotel is located in front of Lan Ha Bay, and about a 5-minute walk from Cat Co Beaches. The khách sạn provides tourists with professional accommodation & entertaining services. Here, you can stay in a convenient room that is fully furnished with modern furniture and overlooks the sea, as well as enjoys convenient and entertaining services. Besides, activities are always available for your lớn have some unforgettable moment with your friends.

Facility: Air-conditioner, no smoking area, no smoking room, coffee cửa hàng, garden, open terrace, mini bar, bar, restaurant, heating system, fireplace, jacuzzi. Services: Free breakfast, Pick-up from the airport, room cleaning, tour booking, money exchange, laundry, shoe cleaning, mát xa, spa làm đẹp. Attractions nearby: Cannon Forte, Ben Beo Harbor, Cat Co Beaches, Tung Thu Beach, Than Cong Fortress. Activities: Cooking class, cycling/ trekking tour, night entertaining, snorkeling, canoeing, windsurfing, karaoke, billiards, fishing, golfing. Gastronomy: African, American, Argentinian, Austrian, Australian, Asian buffet/ à la carte. Room types: Standard room with 1 double/ 2 single beds, Superior room with 1 double/ 2 single beds, Deluxe pháo room with 1 double bed. Price: From US $35.95/night


7. Cat Ba Family Hotel

Though not as high-standard as the others, Cat Ba Family is still one of the most chosen by tourists around the world, especially budget travelers due to lớn the professional services that it provides. During your stay here, you will have sầu a chance lớn thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

Facility: Air-conditioner, cable TV, elevator, coffee shop, smoking area, no smoking room, food store, spa, bar. Service: Free WiFi, room cleaning, laundry, pick-up from the airport, photocopy, bike/ car renting. Attractions nearby: Cannon Forte, Cat Co Beaches, Castaway Islvà. Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, water sports, fishing. Gastronomy: à la carte (vegetarian menu available) Room types: Deluxe cộ twin with 1 twin/ 2 single beds & mountain/ city view, Deluxe cộ Family with 2 big twin beds. Price: From US $15.11/night


8. Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow

Cat Ba Oasis Bungalow consists of a restaurant, bar, public lobby, garden, etc., và promises to make your stay on Cat bố Islvà an unforgettable experience.

Facilities: Air-conditioner, garden, open terrace, club, bar, ATM machine, swimming pool, no smoking room, parking lot, gaming room. Services: Pick-up from the airport, daily room cleaning, laundry, car/xe đạp renting, tour booking, money exchange, night entertaining, fax/ photocopy (for entrepreneurs) Attractions nearby:Cannon Forte, Ben Beo Harbor, Cat Co 3 beaches. Activities: snorkeling, trekking, cycling, canoeing, fishing, billiard Gastronomy: American, Australian, Asian à la carte Room types: Dormitory with 1 bunk bed, small room with 2 single beds, Deluxe with 1 twin bed (with terrace), Standard with 2 single beds, bungalow family with 1 single và 1 twin bed. Price: From US $21.58/night


9. Flamingo Cat Ba Beach - Green Eteo Resort

Located near Cat Co Beach, Flamingo Cat Ba Beach - Green Eteo Resort provides tourists with a high-standard accommodation service during their time on Cat Ba Islvà. Here, all of the rooms are fully furnished with modern furniture & possess stunning views over the sea or mountain. Besides, the resort consists of many other convenient services such as spa làm đẹp, trekking/ cycling tour, gymnasium, jacuzzi, etc., promises lớn bring you the best experience.

Facilities: Air-conditioner, elevator, fireplace, outdoor swimming pool, kid club, spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, thể hình & fitness center, bar, sauna, bar. Services: Free drinks, room cleaning, laundry, babysitting, tour booking, mát xa, BBQ party. Attractions nearby: Tung Thu Beach, Than Cong Fortress, Cat Ba Harbor, Beo Harbor. Activities: Swimming, water sports, saumãng cầu, trekking, skiing. Gastronomy: Vietnamese à la carte Room types: 2 Bedroom Deluxe Residence, 1 bedroom Deluxe cộ Residence, Premier mountain/ ocean view room, Premier Residence ocean view, 1 King 1 Bedroom Premier Residence. Price: From US $74.88/night


10. Hôtel Perle d"Orient Cat Ba MGallery - New opening resort

Though newly operated, Hôtel Perle d"Orient Cat Ba MGallery has been one of the tourists" favorite accommodations on Cat Ba Islvà. Due to lớn its modern high-standard rooms và many other convenient services, tourists can have a chance to thoroughly enjoy their vacation.

Facilities: Air-conditioner, garden, open terrace, spa làm đẹp, gym và fitness center, dry steam room, sauna room, hvà cleansing gel, kid club & playground, family room, parking lot, open swimming pool, bar, 2 restaurants. Services: Free WiFi, miễn phí welcoming drinks, không tính phí bottled water, không tính tiền parking, daily room cleaning & sterilizing, laundry, doctors available, babysitting, fax/ photocopy, và conference/ buổi tiệc nhỏ organizing (for entrepreneurs). Attractions nearby: Cannon Fort, Ben Beo Harbor, Hospital Cave, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Co beaches. Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, water sports, gold hour, trekking, saumãng cầu. Gastronomy: Seafood, Vietnamese/ Japanese à la carte. Room types: Deluxe with 2 single beds và balcony, Superior with 1 king/ 2 single beds, Classic with 1 king/ 2 single beds and sea view, Deluxe cộ Suite with 1 king bed và 1 bunk bed. Price: from US $102.28/night


Above are our recommendations on the best Cat Ba Isl& hotels. For more detailed information, please liên hệ us through our website or Điện thoại tư vấn (+84) 4 3624-9007. We are always here to lớn help.

It is best if you could combine a 1-night stay on the isl& and a 1-night stay on Cat Ba Cruise, I trust it will be a wonderful experience!